A Skyscraper is a single-digit solving technique which uses a particular pattern of Turbot Fish.
It has been introduced as a separate technique, because the Turbot Fish technique does not use a single pattern and is not easy to learn by the average Sudoku player. Here is an example:

Skyscraper, How to solve sudoku puzzles - Solving sudoku strategy,picture 1

The candidates for digit 4 in rows 4 and 7 are conjugate pairs. Since the 2 candidates in column 7 cannot be true together, at least one of r4c2 or r7c1 must be true. They could also both be true. We call this a connected pair. The two red candidates can be eliminated, because they can both see r4c2 and r7c1.


A Skyscraper is also a Sashimi X-Wing. Also, Skyscraper can be replicated using Multi-Colors.

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